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Don't settle for less. Receive personal training from National Academy of Sports Medicine certified trainers, the industry gold standard.

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About Us

Why Kinetix?

At many gyms, personal trainers unfortunately lack the rigorous scientific and technical expertise necessary to demonstrate proper value to their clients.

Our training philosophy is simple. While fitness fads come and go, Kinetix instead provides value to clients by using exercise principles and fundamentals based on peer-reviewed research. We are data-driven in monitoring our clients progress to help them achieve their fitness goals.

At Kinetix, we don’t gives sales pitches because our training philosophy sells itself. Our prices are transparent. We also don’t sell supplements. Our training sessions are on a no-contract basis, allowing clients to continue using our services as they see fit. This approach removes any conflict of interest and allows us to fully focus on serving our client’s best interests. Sign up for a free session today!

Our Classes

Personal Training For Every Goal

  • Cardio & Endurance

    Whether it's running a faster mile or walking up a flight of stairs, feel your best by increasing your overall cardiovascular endurance.

  • Power Yoga

    Improve your overall health by incorporating core, balance, flexibility, and plyometric training. Learn lifestyle adjustments designed to incorporate fitness into your busy day.

  • Weight Lifting

    Safely progress faster with your strength training goals by mastering proper form and nutrition.

Our Rates

Transparent No Contract Pricing

  • Introductory lesson

    Introductory lesson

    This one's on us. You'll get a free session. Don't worry, there's no sales pitch. We'll do a quick fitness assessment, get to learn about your fitness goals, and answer any questions you might have.

  • 2+ sessions per week

    2+ sessions per week

    Your custom workout plan will help you reach your intended goals in the shortest time possible. Receive routine check ups on your off-days to measure your progress and answer any questions along the way.

  • Small group training

    Small group training (3 person max)

    Grab a friend or two and train together. Have fun with different formats include kettlebells, ropes, circuits training, and more.